Unique Items – Choosing Your Wedding Lingerie

lingerie (4)The wedding day is the most beautiful day of the bride, and any woman wants to feel beautiful when she gets married.

When you choose your wedding dress, it needs to reflect your preference and personality, and this should be valid for the lingerie too.  Shopping for wedding lingerie can take a lot of time, and for making sure you have it on your wedding day, you should start looking for it with at least two weeks before the beautiful day.

Let’s see some tips for choosing the wedding lingerie.

Two Items

Even if you have a single day to celebrate, you should have at least two lingerie options. You could wear one during the ceremony and the other one for the party. You can feel both comfortable and sensual in the lingerie that you choose, and you’ll be the goddess of seduction for your husband when the dress comes off.

The Color

There’s a certain tradition in selecting the wedding lingerie, as most women prefer to have white, cream or ivory. For your matrimony, you should stick with something nude or white for the ceremony, and you could choose something colorful. A bride that has a traditional style, or is sweet and conservative could prefer something that comes in pastel colors. However, for a seductive bride, you can choose navy, black, red or any other bold option.

The Details and Style

You’ll need to know some details about lingerie before buying something for your wedding day. There are some common types of lingerie that you can find in stores, so it’s better to know something about them.

The bra comes in different styles and shapes. In the bridal category, the bras are different from what you usually find in stores in supportive, traditional bras. You can find the bras with ruffled chiffon, bows, and colorful ribbons or even half cups.

The teddy covers more than a bra, but it has less support, as it is a semi-loose fitting tank top with no sleeves. It can stop at hip or waist, but make sure you get something that has some style in the upper part.

The babydoll is similar to the teddy, but it adds some additional coverage. It’s longer than the teddy, and it covers the hips, but it is loose and made of silk or satin.

The Corsets and the Bustiers

The bustiers and the corsets and made with laces, buttons or snap-on and they emphasize the waist of any woman who wears them. Both of them will give a push up to the breast and show off the middle of the body.

Today, these pieces are interchangeable, and you can find them in any color that you might like. There is a variety of closure options for any of them, and they don’t always have shaping boning on their length. If you want to get one for your wedding day, it’s better to have it custom-made for your exact measures.

The Garter Belt

The garter belt is wrapped around the hips, and you can use it for sustaining stockings with clips. You can’t confuse this item with the one that the bride wears on her thigh and it’s thrown to the one considered the next eligible bachelor.

Where-to-buy-plus-size-lingerie-Curvy-Girl-LingerieYou can find garter belts in a variation of styles and colors, but for a wedding day, you need to make sure that it fits the rest of the lingerie.

In the end, you can be as bold as you want at your wedding, especially when choosing the lingerie, because the only one that will see your garments will be your husband.